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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey, this is the first ever RATED OR SLATED to be shown in this blog,
I will be rating FC'ers outfits and showing my opinions on them.

lilypoddle's outfit is.... interesting, as you can see it looks incomplete,
i love those jeans though, just obviously not with that outfit.

Next is XxSkyQuestxX
I think this outfit it okay, it was a safe choice just by
selecting a Hotbuys Dress and pair of basic heels.
This outfit it not something I'd wear, nor is it something
I'd look at and think "WOW that outfit is amazing!"
Try and stand out more gurl! I'm sorry but

Aliciafresquez's outfit is... It's quite nice.
I love the shorts, they we're some of my favourite pieces
from that LE season, but I don't like the tattoo, it makes it
look a little caravan couture. I also don't like the blazer with these
shorts, as I think the top of the shorts are the main focus of them,
A softer shirt tucked in would have had a much better effect on the outfit
As a hole, but I love the shoes and hat, so overall I'm going to give this outfit a 

Espanolitaa is the next FC'er i will be rating or slating,
firstly, I really don't like the shoes, the colour is cute, but I don't like the shape of
them atall. The dress is OK, it's just a simple LBD, I'm not a fan of the shape
though, the top of it is nice, the bottom is a little to shapeless. I don't like the shirt
underneath it though, it completely changes the essence of the outfit and takes
it away from a more glamorous look, the blouse is to casual in comparison with the
shoes and dress, a necklace and belt would have been a much better choice.

The final outfit is from jesssss. some of you may expect
this post to be bias, but I only speak the truth gurl, for one
I always LOVE your outfits, they're very unique and sort of thrown 
together, I love the bag alot, the bow looks so good with it and the colours
are an amazing contrast, the hotbuys boots are also really nice, I love the blue PPQ
socks with them too, It's a nice colour usage of colour in the accessories alone.
I like these hotbuys shorts also, they remind me of last seasons LE which I could
describe as fierce, the denim vest is not something I would choose, but it does look good.
I liked the way it contrasted against the leather of the skinny belt. on the shorts.
The Mortal Kiss top, was an interesting choice, which I also wouldn't have chosen
this outfit clashes alot, but I love it. And the gold chained necklace tops it off well.


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