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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gift O Meter.

AHHH!!!! the gift o meter is back again yeye.I really cba to even try to fill it up.The gifts are shit this year so idk.But i have thought up of my own little 'gifts' for u little stardollians...HEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE.

Gift 1 (5 sd)-You get a victoria secret virtual bra for your medoll.
Gift 2 (10 sd)-You get a victoria secret pair of panties.
Gift 3 (15 sd)-You get a hat with the playboy bunny on it.
Gft 4 (25 sd)-You get a...DILDO FROM PRETTY IN PINK STORE!
Gift 5 (50 sd)-You get a new porn webcam downloaded to ur stardoll suite page.
Gift 6 (75 sd)-You get to watch callie shaving her vag on the cam.
Gift 7 (100 sd)-You get to watch Robin using his dick vibrator on ur cam!
Gift 8 (125 sd)-You get to watch Callie and Robin making out on ur cam cam.
Gigt 9 (150 sd)-You get to watch Callie and Robin having some fun in their bed on ur cam OMG!!!!!
Gift 10 (175 sd)-YOU!! get invited to watch Callie stripping for only you on ur cam.
Gift 11 (250 sd)-You get to watch Callie giving Robin a BJ for 5 hours while Robin eats pudding.
Gift 12  (500 sd)-Callie gives u her rl address and on x-mas eve u go to her house for some fun  ;D

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